Wedding bouquet sizes & picking yours

Picking a bridal bouquet can seem like a daunting challenge. Different sizes, shapes, colors, flower types… it can quickly get overwhelming so here are few things to keep in mind when picking your wedding bouquet size:

  • We measure bouquets by diameter, straight across the widest part of the bouquet
  • There is no “standard” size but 10″ is the most popular in Real Touch styles and 9″ in Soft Touch styles
  • Real Touch flowers are more similar to fresh flowers so bouquet shape and “feel” is closer to fresh 
  • Soft Touch flowers are best for more ornate and detailed artistic designs

Guidelines & Tips to help you choose:

  • Bridal bouquet should be larger than the wedding party’s bouquets (bridesmaids, maids, men of honor, etc.)
  • 8.5″ and 9″ diameters work best for petite & shorter brides (won’t overwhelm or cover your dress)
  • 10″ – 12″ diameter work for voluptuous & taller brides (also complement larger dresses and venues)
  • If you would like a variety of flower types, you’ll need a larger bouquet size (we recommend 10″+)
  • We don’t recommend bouquets larger than 10″ for Soft Touch, and larger than 12″ for Real Touch

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