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Soft Touch flowers

Soft Touch wedding bouquets are made with our signature Soft Touch roses that look more realistic than traditional silk fabric flowers. They are sturdy and hold shape really well and are perfect for creative, ornate, and detailed artistic designs.

Flowers available: roses, rosebuds, orchids, plumerias

Real Touch flowers

Real Touch wedding bouquets are made with the most realistic artificial flowers available. They are coated with wax and latex like materials and feel unbelievably real to the touch! Real Touch flowers are created to closely resemble fresh flowers and photograph beautifully.

Flowers available: Calla lilies, small roses, rosebuds, orchids and peonies

Soft Touch roses (more colors may be available)

Calla lily colors (more colors may be available)

Ribbon colors

satin ribbon color options, white, gray, gold, ivory, tan, lt yellow, peach, coral, orange, red, scarlet, burgundy, lt pink, hot pink, fuchsia, lavender, purple, plum, lt blue, turquoise, royal blue, navy, tiffany, teal, mint, emerald, hunter, chocolate, black