Wedding bouquet sizes

Signature (Soft-Touch) bouquets

One of the main types of flowers we use are Soft Touch roses that look more realistic. They are made of thin foam material and feel very soft (velvet-like) to the touch. They come in many colors and few rose types and also rosebuds.

Features of Soft Touch roses & bouquets:

  • Sturdy and hold their shape well
  • Unlike Real Touch and fabric silk flowers, can’t be “squished” together (packed)
  • 9.5″ diameter is the largest size for Soft-Touch bouquets
  • Dome shaped, especially in large size

Most popular sizes:

  • Medium (8-8.5″ in diameter)
  • Large 9″ dome shape bouquet

Recommended sizes:

  • Bridal bouquet: medium or large dome
  • Bridal party bouquet: small
  • Flower girl/toss bouquet size: mini (6″)

Real Touch (Natural Touch) bouquets

Real Touch flowers resemble fresh flowers in look and structure, and look and feel real to the touch (and photograph beautifully!). They’re made from variety of polymer and latex mixes and come in several different flower types and many colors.

Features of Real Touch flowers and bouquets:

  • Resemble fresh flowers by look and feel
  • A lot of them are botanically correct
  • Can be arranged like fresh flowers – wider, flat, round or cascading shapes
  • Popular flowers are roses, calla lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, and orchids

Most popular sizes:

  • Large (10″ diameter)
  • Medium (8-8.5″ diameter)

Recommended sizes:

  • Bridal bouquet: medium and large
  • Bridal party bouquet: small
  • Flower girl/toss bouquet size: mini

How we measure our wedding bouquets

We use bouquet’s diameter to measure all of our bouquets. Measurement is taken at the widest point of the bouquet by placing the ruler under the bouquet and looking straight down. Some shops measure from side to side by going over the top of the bouquet so please make sure you’re comparing correctly.

brooch bouquet broach bouquet white roses and silver brooches showing how to measure bouquet, straight across to get diameter

6″ mini size flower girl and toss wedding bouquets

silk wedding bouquet seashell beach flower girl mini size
real touch coral orange bouquet mini
flower girl seashell bouquet

7-7.5″ small size bridesmaid wedding bouquets

small brooch bouquet person holding size reference
red and white silver winter holiday bouquet valentines day bridesmaid maid of honor bouquet with glitter artificial silk flowers
small seashell bouquet person holding it
small bridesmaid bouquet real touch natural touch look

8-8.5″ medium size bridal wedding bouquets

blue and green real touch wedding bouquet roses calla lilies crystals pearls
seashell orchid calla roses bouquet wedding beach starfish royal blue
purple calla bridal bouquet picasso lavender purple middle real touch
winter wonderland bouquet for winter snow weddings

9-9.5″ large size bridal wedding bouquets

beach wedding bouquet with shells for destination weddings purple rosettes
brooch wedding bouquet person holding size how big is brooch bouquet
royal blue winter wonderland bouquet silver glitter large bridal
holiday wedding real touch burlap rustic bouquet real touch flowers

10-11″ large size bridal wedding bouquets

spring garden wedding real touch
real touch orange coral natural roses pearls crystals brooch broach
purple picasso plum calla lily wedding bouquet
white calla black feathers wedding bridal real touch bouquet