Why choose alternative wedding flower bouquets

Imagine your life in 10 years. Whether it’s a white picket fence with lush grass and scattered toys, or a tropical beach with sand between your toes, your better half will be alongside for the journey. Memories of your wedding day slowly fade into the abyss and other than your photos, there are no other keepsakes to cherish. Unless you have one of our bouquets! 

If you cringe at the thought of silk wedding flowers, then you haven’t seen ours! These are not your grandmother’s silk wedding flowers; just peek at our collection of Real Touch flowers! They look and feel like fresh flowers and photograph beautifully!

Here are more benefits to choosing one of our alternative wedding bouquets:

  • Not tacky or cheap – made for the 21st century couples
  • NO maintenance – no need to keep in the water or a cooler, no flower food, or any other mess
  • Keep the stress low – get your real touch wedding flowers way before the wedding
  • No surprises – you will know exactly what your bouquet(s) looks like before it’s too late!
  • Keep forever – as cherished memories to remind you of your wedding every time you look at them
  • Use after the wedding – for wedding portraits, renewing your vows or as a gift to your guests or loved ones
  • Any flower at any time of the year – artificial real touch wedding flowers are not season dependent
  • Color options – not limited by mother nature
  • No pollen = no allergies – silk wedding flowers are a great way to prevent sneezing and watery eyes (unless it’s happy tears)
  • Impervious to weather – snow? Sun? Bring it on! Silk wedding bouquets won’t wilt or freeze.