Are you looking for the perfect keepsake bouquet that makes a statement?

A bouquet crafted by hand and so well-designed that you KNOW it did not come from a mass manufacturer? 

Well then, it’s nice to meet you!

Why we do this

♥ We love quality

Perfection is our middle name. And quality. And details. And client service. You love the same things? Welcome aboard!

♥ We love creating

Designing is our passion and we want you to have the best and most beautiful bouquet made with care (and not by a factory).

♥ We love making you happy

Your happiness comes first. Going above and beyond for the perfect client is what makes this the dream job for us.

Who we are

irena cibra korajkic at the bridal flower, woman with brown hair to shoulder in navy blue shirt

Owner & Designer

Hey, I’m Irena!

Born in Slovenia  •  Raised in Sarajevo & Vermont    Commander (according to the personality test  Capricorn, with stubbornness to prove it    Soft-spoken extrovert  •  Perfectionist with OCD tendencies (my kids don’t care for this at ALL)   Feminist and advocate for equality & justice    #LoveIsLove  •  Fan of drama-crime-thriller movies: Inside Man, Ocean’s Eleven and the like  •  Traveling soul & explorer – Istanbul and Rome top the list  •  BMW enthusiast (M4)  •  Obsessed with driving a stick (read: likes to be in control)  • Cat person & animal lover   Disney lover (yes, even Frozen)  •  Geography & world maps lover  •  Bookworm – Thousand Splendid Suns #1    Lover of international music – especially Turkish, Persian, Latin American, and of course, Bosnian 


hayley moon at the bridal flower, woman in coral shirt and gray sweater, brown hair with purple ends

Designer & Marketing Coordinator

Hey, I’m Hayley!

Native Vermonter  •  Stereotypical virgo perfectionist    Biker Babe since 4th grade    Rom-com fanatic    Hopeless romantic and believer in true love  •  Cosmo girl – the kind with vodka    Hater of Pumpkin Spice    Idealistic yet logical – and this confirms it  •  Reliably 10 minutes late  •  Self-proclaimed kitten wrangler – if there are kittens, I WILL find them, catch them, and snuggle them    Downton Abbey binger  •  Coral is my color (and I wear it like a boss)  •  Plus size advocate  •  A house full of goats #goals •  Could survive on cheese alone. Or chocolate  •  Bonfires + friends = my kind of party  •  Tattoo aficionado  •  Allergic to cold…and heat…and vibrations (yes, that’s a thing)  •  Wear capris as pants #shortpeopleproblems   Over-thinker & busy bee (stellar combination for getting things done) 


How we got here

The Bridal Flower is a proudly woman-owned floral design studio in Burlington, VT that specializes in handcrafted wedding bouquets that last forever. Each one of our Real Touch bouquets is an eternal memory for newlywed couples as well as a keepsake to cherish in their happily ever after.

Our story begins with Irena, the founder and owner of The Bridal Flower, who unexpectedly fell in love with a silk wedding bouquet in a bridal shop window. Her beautiful keepsake bouquet inspired her to provide each of our clients with a meaningful memory to remind them of their wedding day.

Each and every one of our meticulously crafted bouquets is designed with YOU in mind. We create a safe place for you to tell us about your dream bouquet, and we help make it a reality. Sticklers for quality above all, we take extra care to make sure all of our designs are a perfection.

After making quite an impression as a part-time designer, Hayley transitioned to full-time at the end of 2016. What started as a dream in a small guestroom is now a growing business where the inspiration never stops flowing. The combination of high quality materials, attention to detail, and a love for all things weddings allowed this dynamic duo to create dream bouquets for over 1500 brides.

We absolutely love what we do. Like a diamond in the rough among the mass manufacturers, we shine through with our superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. A happy client is our priority and we will make your wedding bouquet shopping experience easy and stress-free!

Ready to find your perfect bouquet? Shop in our store now!