When our bouquets travel to Switzerland, they become art

Imagine our surprise when we got these stunning photos back and realized our bouquet was used in something other than weddings! As much as we love weddings, this left us speechless and itching to see more from these talented people who used our cascading calla lily bouquet to create art!

Antonio ordered our cascading plum purple bouquet. We had little communication other than discussing a ship date. We love to get to know our couples, but sometimes with more straightforward orders we don’t get the opportunity. Then to our surprise, more than a year later, Antonio reached out with two stunning photos and this message:

“I would like to thank you for your wonderful work! Your art is something special which charms people from all over the world! Thanks to you we can enjoy our hobby and we can bring art to life!”

After a moment of relishing one of the best compliments we’ve received, we realized that this beautiful bouquet was used in the Remiremont Venetian Carnival! Antonio and his partner, Doris, were dressed to the 9’s with every accessory to match. He wore what appeared to be a black plague mask, and she wore beautiful mask adorned with a black veil. Their cascading calla lily bouquet was the perfect alternative bouquet to match their ensemble.

Alain is the eye behind the camera so of course we creeped his website and oh. my. gawd. It was like being transported to another lifetime filled with amazing people and art. Thank you Antonio for showing us a slice of your heaven!

Photography by Alain Warnier

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