What are Real Touch (Natural Touch) flowers?

With their growing popularity in the wedding industry, you may have heard about Real Touch flowers, Natural Touch flowers, or True Touch flowers – but what are they?

Real Touch flowers are the highest quality artificial flowers available that look realistic and feel very similar to real flowers. Real Touch wedding bouquets closely resemble fresh bouquets and most of your guests won’t be to tell they’re artificial. They photograph beautifully and will last a lifetime!

How are Real Touch flowers made?

Real Touch flowers are made with blends of polyurethane, latex and other polymers. Mixture is moulded and shaped into petals or flower parts and usually put together from individual pieces to give it a more lifelike look. Colors can be injected into the mixture or coated in layers of liquid polymers that keep flowers flexible, sturdy and realistic to the touch. For some, thick fabric petals are colored in various intensities throughout the flower for a more natural and botanically correct look.

Some facts to know:

  • Cost – certain types of Real Touch flowers can cost just as much or more than fresh flowers
  • Long term investment – even if the initial cost is high, they last forever
  • Not season dependent – most types are available year-round
  • Quality – much better quality than what you find in craft stores
  • Wait time – it can take months to get the flowers you want in stock so plan accordingly
  • Knock-offs – many manufacturers sell flowers labeled as “real touch” directly to consumers but they are poor quality, construction and not real touch

What are Floramatique® flowers?

Floramatique® is a trademarked name for flowers made by a pioneer company that developed a patented process of coating molded foam with a polyurethane mix. Flowers have to be made a certain thickness, otherwise they can tear easily. This type of material doesn’t work for every flower type so the petals may be thicker, less lifelike and less detailed. An exception to this are calla lilies and some tulips that look very good and lifelike. One of the biggest benefits of Floramatique flowers is that they are submersible.

Keep in mind that not all Real-Touch & Floramatique flowers are created equal. Lower quality (and limited styles) are sold in craft stores directly to consumers and the higher quality is only available to professional floral designers and businesses.

What are silk flowers?

“Silk flowers” is a generic term that is used to describe any artificial/fake flower but since better quality flowers (like Real Touch) are fairly new to the market, it is now mostly used to describe fabric flowers made from polyester blends. With the growing popularity of Real Touch, more and more people are using a more accurate name: artificial flowers. We may use both throughout our website but since we don’t use fabric silk flowers, we are always referring to either Real Touch or Soft Touch flowers as seen on this page.

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