The Bridal Flower team

irena korajkic the bridal flower team member


Owner, Designer

I am passionate about following my dreams and doing what I love, which led me to this path and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love doing this not because of the money (although that helps), but because of the powerful and fulfilling sense of pride and accomplishment each bouquet brings me. Although I can’t see my brides when they open their packages, I can feel the excitement and every tear they try to hold back through the powerful messages of gratitude. This happiness is my biggest motivator (and the bills) that push me to work hard and give it my all every day.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist who likes to keep things neat and organized and my designs are a mix of my analytic side and creative side. I see them as “structured but stylish” and love experimenting to create something unique and special for my brides!

almir cibra team member


Tech Genius

Hello! I am a person of many interests who loves being part of the wedding industry. Along with being the go-to “web issues” guy for The Bridal Flower, and a loyal fan of Amazon Prime, I am a professional wedding photographer at Almir Weddings and love capturing special moments and providing treasures for my brides.

Aside from photography, I play the piano, do a lot of weight lifting (you kind of have to when lugging photo equipment for 10 hours at a time), and love technology. I like to dabble with code (html & css) and study about the way everything works. I guess I’m kind of into everything :)



I never believed I would be able to find a job that allows me to be completely myself in every creative, perfectionist, and sometimes silly way. I could barely contain my excitement when I got the opportunity to be a part of The Bridal Flower team. Now I don’t have to try (and often times fail) to make time for art; I get to do it with a purpose every day that I come to work.

Despite my struggle with punctuality and consistently being 10 minutes late for everything, I have always had a strong work ethic. Each bouquet I make is as much for myself as it is for the bride. I can’t help but feel proud of each beautiful hand-crafted bouquet I have created since I started here. I’m so excited to continue doing something I love that brings myself and so many others joy on the most special day of their life!