Flowers we use

Real Touch flowers (Natural Touch flowers)

We use a variety of Real Touch flowers to create our bouquets. These are some of flower types and colors available:

  • Calla lilies (many colors, see chart below)
  • Small roses – candle white, ivory, coral, light pink, fuchsia pink, red
  • Large roses – candle white, peach coral, coral, light pink, hot pink, orange, red, royal purple, turquoise, light green
  • Orchids, Cymbidium – candle white, Galaxy purple, teal-purple
  • Orchids, Phalaenopsis – candle white, white with pink, purple 
  • Hydrangeas – candle white, purple, royal purple, lime green
  • Peonies – candle white, light pink, red, burgundy, navy blue
  • Plumerias – candle white, coral, spa blue (tiffany), orange, turquoise
  • Gerbera daisies – yellow, orange, sky blue

Soft Touch flowers 

Our signature bouquets are created with Soft Touch flowers. Here are some of the colors we offer:

  • Roses (many colors, see chart below)
  • Seashell roses – white, ivory, light blue
  • Rosebuds – white, ivory, guava red, royal blue
  • Orchids (Dendrobium) – Galaxy purple/blue orchids
  • Plumerias – white, pink, red, orange, blue, green
  • Gerbera daisies – white, light pink, hot pink, yellow, orange, purple

Calla lily colors

More colors and custom colors may be available

Soft Touch rose colors

More colors and custom colors may be available