Flower types and color choices

Soft Touch flowers & colors (more may be available)

rose color chart soft touch

Real Touch flower & colors (more may be available)

real touch calla lily flower stems color chart
real touch flower chart
small real touch rose color chart

Small tea roses

princess rose color chart

Princess roses

english roses color chart

English roses

english rose open color chart

Mature English roses

rosebud color chart


cabbage roses color chart

Large cabbage roses

plumeria frangipani color chart

Plumeria / Frangipani

orchid color chart


Soft Touch flowers

Real touch flowers

Our signature bouquet collection and many other bouquet styles are made with Soft Touch roses. They are very strudy, mix well with Real Touch flowers (non-roses), and support the weight of brooches well. There are many colors available and we can also get custom colors.

Soft Touch rose colors available:

-Cream (ivory)
-Light yellow
-Canary yellow
-Blush pink
-Pale pink
-Princess pink

-Glitter pink
-Hot pink
-Watermelon / guava
-Glitter red
-Glitter purple
-Royal purple

-Light blue
-Sky blue
-Turquoise / malibu blue
-Royal blue
-Glitter royal blue
-Aqua (tiffany)
-Glitter gold
-Glitter silver

We use variety of different real touch flowers to build our bouquets. There are several flower types available but if there is a specific one, please check with us as this list is not comprehensive. Most of them come in variety of colors but custom colors may be possible to get as well.

Real Touch flower types available (width is approximate):

-Small calla lilies (2″)
-Princess roses (3″)
-Large tea roses (3.5-4″)
-Small tea roses (2.5-3″)
-Rosebuds (2-2.5″)
-English roses (3-3.5″)
-Mature English roses (4-4.5)
-Large cabbage roses (5″)
-Peony, large, full bloom (5-6″)
-Peony, open & half bloom (3.5 & 3″)

-Hydrangeas, full bloom
-Tulips, mini bud (1″)
-Tulips, large (2.5″)
-Gerbera lilies (3.5″)
-Anemones (2-2.5″)
-Orchids, Cymbidium (4″)
-Orchids, Phalaenopsis (3-4″)
-Frangipani / Plumerias (2.5″)
-Casablanca lilies (7-8″)
-Tiger lilies (6″)