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Why silk flowers

Why choose artificial or silk flowers instead of fresh

winter-wonderland-winter-bouquet.jpgEven if you cringe at the suggestion of silk flowers, let's take few minutes and compare them to the fresh. There is no doubt that the fresh flowers are beautiful and nature really outdid itself when it created all the different shapes and sizes. But guess what? Human race does not go down without a fight. So, naturally (and ironically?) they came up with realistic-looking flowers that captured the beauty of the fresh ones but did not wilt. So now, you can have the upscale bouquet that will last forever!

So let's tackle some reasons we believe it's better to go with our artificial/silk/soft touch/real touch/whatever-name-they-come-up-with-next flowers instead of fresh.

- Great quality (look real!) - silk flowers have come a long way. Our roses are very realistic looking and the real-touch flowers even feel real! If you really wanted to take it a step further, we can scent them and then you can play "is it real or is it fake" with your guests.

- Last forever & cherished memory - do you really want to argue that it is a good idea to spend money on something you will discard the next day (and sometimes the same day)? If we're talking about a one-time use wipe or whatever, then fine. But flowers? Nah. With our bouquets, you get to keep it to remind you of your special day every time you look at it!

- Done way before the date - on top of the stress and anxiety of the actual day of the wedding, do you really want to add more and stress about whether your flowers will come out the way you wanted them? Why the hassle? With our bouquets, you will be able to see your flowers in advance and change, tweak and modify as you wish to make them perfect for your day. It will be one less thing to worry about and you can focus on other projects.

- Destination weddings - whether it's in a different city or a different continent, your flowers will always look fresh and beautiful no matter how far they travel! We can ship them to you or directly to your destination wedding! The best part? You can bring your bouquet back with you (FYI-fresh flowers are not allowed across the border. Do you really want to get tackled by the customs agents?).

- No allergies - do you really want to hear your bridesmaids sneezing behind you while you're trying to recite your vows? These are a great alternative for those with pollen allergies.

- Cruise weddings - did you know that a lot of the cruise ships don't allow fresh flowers? What a party-pooper...Or not! Just check out our store and let's get the party started! 

- Extremely lightweight - our soft-touch roses are so special that [almost] any bouquet made with these is extremely lightweight and will not weigh you down so you can keep your energy for showing off on the dance floor! 

- Keep & re-use - did we already say it last forever? But it really does. You want to re-use it for wedding portraits or renewing your vows 20 years in the future? No problem! It can even be a gift to a special guest who couldn't attend. Plus, your bridal party will be able keep their bouquets and have a memory of their own!

- No wilting or staining- mother nature, bring it on! Sun, snow, frost, breeze, wind, hail, tornado (ok, so maybe not that one), our bouquets can handle it all. They will not wilt, freeze or change depending on weather conditions and best of all: no pollen that stains your dress!

- Not season dependent - you want lilac in December? Your wish is our command. Almost any flower at any time of the year; from flower type to color, your choices are countless.

We're sure if we got some sleep and thought about it, we could come up with plenty more...but you get the point.


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